• How long do you need to set up?

Assuming access to the venue is straight forward (i.e. ground floor room with no steps and vehicle access close to the venue), we require 1 hour and 45 minutes to set up. This includes sound check.

  • Can you play a very specific song for our occasion?

We are happy to consider learning your special song.  It largely depends on whether the particular song fits our playing style and sound. At the time of enquiring, please let us know if there’s a particular song you’d like us to consider learning so we have enough time to learn it well. 

  • Is it possible to see you play before booking?

We do play a very small number of shows available to the public. If you're interested in seeing us live, please contact us to find out whether we are playing close to you.

  • How long is your set and when do you typically finish?

Our standard offering consists of 2x 45 minute sets, finishing around 23:30.

  • How much space do you require to perform?

We are 12ft deep by 17ft wide.

  •  Do you have any special requirements? 

We require a suitable location to change into our stage clothes, something to eat, and drinks for the duration of our time at the venue.

  • Do you have any testimonials available?

Sure do! See our TESTIMONIALS page click HERE!